Interesting IT conferences for 2015

A list of interesting IT Conferences for 2015


Name Location Conference date
IoT summit London, UK 12-13 March
IoT Developers Day Utrecht, NL 16 April
GeeCon Krakaw, Poland 13-15 May
Google I/O San Francisco, US 28 May
Joy of Coding Rotterdam, NL 29 May
Scala Days Amsterdam, NL 8-10 June
NDC Oslo Oslo, Norway 15-19 June
Goto Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL 17-19 June London, UK 17-19 June
SPA London, UK 28th June- 1st July
Oscon Portland, US 20-24 July
Fronteers Amsterdam, NL October
Java One San Francisco, US 25-29 October
Devoxx Antwerpen, BE 9-13 November


Conference date
Mini XP days Mechelen, BE 3 April
Scrum Day Amsterdam, NL  2 July 2015
Agile on the Beach Falmouth, UK 3-4 September
XP days Mechelen, BE 3-4 December

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