Knockout.js Meetup in Rotterdam

Two days ago I went to Knockout.js Meetup in Rotterdam, I always find it pleasant to hang with programmers and acquire new ideas from any programmer despite the background or the language his programming.

As for Knockout.js it was always a curiosity for me, as I have to deal sometimes with JavaScript and I never been on a project with Knockout.js. In the recent years I did work on AngularJS and lately I’m busy building an application AngularJS with KendoUI.

The meeting went perfect, the food was nice and Pascal van de Blankevoort was the host a very experienced guy with Knockout.js.

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From Legacy code to Agile Restful Application

Wait WHAT is Agile Restful? Simply building your Restful application in the Agile way, incrementally updating your legacy code to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

I will not explain what is Restful services, there are enough information about Restful online… What i want to highlight in this post is why i think moving your legacy code to Restful Api would allow your business to grow by 10 if not 100.

As a developer I love Rest architecture, its easy readable and most importantly it supports “Heterogeneous Interoperability”, when i want to explain it to my boss who’s more from the business perspective I start simply by saying I think our system would do better with Rest because…

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