How to secure Web application headers with Nginx.

Have you ever wondered how your website/application headers are?
A good step to start is to scan the website:

After the scan, you can asses the problems. I will explain how to resolve those issues with “Nginx”. If you don’t have HTTPS it’s a good start to use letsencrypt, it’s free and CloudFlare it has a very good support for both.

Add a new configuration section in nginx http:

Best to add a file like security.conf in /etc/nginx/conf.d which can be modified later on.

Test nginx configuration & reload!

Check & test again…

NB: Be careful with Content-Security-Policy, this needs to be modified depends on your site and dependencies.

Is security headers enough? That’s a NO… using CloudFlare & Nginx security its an abstract layer over the web application which needs to be scanned and improved periodically to keep it secured.

Airbnb: The Great Migration: From Monolith to Service-oriented

During my last Qcon San Francisco i attended a talk with Jessica Tai, she provided a detailed overview regarding the migration of Monorail, The Ruby on Rails Monolith at Airbnb to Service oriented migration Architecture.   

The Why…

Jessica explained the Why the decision was taken, which made the presentation really interesting. She explained the million-mile journey, migrating from the monolith to microservices.

The Solution… 

She explained about the solution that was found for the why… service-oriented architecture, or SOA, as a possible solution to help alleviate our pain. SOA seemed to be a promising solution to the pains that Airbnb was feeling.

Watch the talk live at InfoQ!

You will love it!