Gabriel Ajabahian
Senior Software Engineer at RIPE NCC
Amsterdam Area, Netherlands | Program Development

As a Software Engineer at RIPE NCC, I’m passionate about creating dynamic applications that is used around the globe.

I have extensive software engineering experience, recently I focus on Scala/Java and JavaScript. On the other hand, I have experience with C# and .net framework. I focus on integrating applications that are built against different frameworks and can run on different platforms.

Scalability, efficiency and performance are key topics for any software, that's why I keep track of the newest technologies, I never underestimate the power of the cloud, that’s why I do believe in using this power with “edge applications” to expand software’s and solutions to a new level.

Being a software engineer who understand the business as well as my team, looking at things from different perspectives. Being open and honest and investing in relationship makes a big difference.

Specialties: Software development, Scrum/Agile, Process and Problem management.

PS: Please don't contact me or connect with me if your recruiter, I'm not interested in any job.

Senior Software Engineer (2016 - Present)
Non Profit, 51-200, Internet

As a Senior Software Engineer in one of the scrum teams in the Software Engineering
department of RIPE NCC,

My main responsibility is to produce high quality software and provide support through all phases of software development and maintenance life-cycle. To assist the Manager Software Engineering in the organisation and coordinate of software development.

Main Technologies: Scala, Java, Play, JavaScript, AngularJS, PostgreSQL,
MySQL, Elasticsearch, nodejs

As a developer, what will matter most in your career is NOT your knowledge of Ruby or Python, or whether you stick with .NET/JAVA or make the switch to Node. There’s an essential “programmer survival skill” that’s FAR more important. When you master this, you won’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed, or getting left behind.