How to create a WordPress in command line?

How to create a wordpress in command line on centmin with centos6 & nginx & mariadb

This is for wordpress with centmin, if you want to install centmin please follow up this tutorial:

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Migs Payment Gateway – WordPress Plugin

Migs (Mastercard Internet Gateway Service) Payment Gateway gives you a chance to add Buy now buttons and create your own without coding knowledge, the plugin also has hooks and filters with reporting tools.

Greetings everyone,

It’s such a pleasure to see you using WordPress and this plugin, nevertheless I do have to remind you that this plugin is “NOT A MIGS OFFICIAL PLUGIN” and it’s shared under “GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE”.

So please take your time and read the license.txt especially the “NO WARRANTY” section, and remember to check your Migs portal for each transaction before processing any shipment. If you find any bugs please report them on so I can try resolve them.

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