Continuous delivery vs Continuous deployment

As I’m reading a very interesting book about Continuous Delivery for (Jez Humble and David Farley).

The last years I have been keen on introducing parts of continuous development to teamsI worked in… It fascinated me how confusing it is to understand all those terms.

You hear the term we do have Continuous Delivery because we are using “Jenkins”, “Bamboo” or “Teamcity”, and that confuses…

I decided to dig in more and understand the basics of Continuous delivery in 7 minutes 🙂

Continuous delivery

What is DevOps in Continuous delivery?

Get a new feature, enhancement or bug out to production (to the customer), which allows us to Get a feedback from the customer to improve the software.



Delivering a software means an entire pipeline software delivery life-cycle, to have a successful continuous delivery you need to have automation in place.


Continuous delivery is a capability to deploy the entire environment to the production at any given time as needed. Continuous delivery is a capability you must have. This capability allows you to deliver the software to any given environment at any given time, meanwhile continuous delivery allows us to replicate any environment for debugging purposes.


Continuous deployment

On the other hand, continuous deployment is an option which you might choose to exercise based on the kind of product you have. The continuous deployment is a business decision that an organisation can choose while continuous delivery is a must have capability.