How to get Spring Boot Support in IntelliJ IDEA 14.*

For many years IntelliJ is the favorite IDE for many Java developers, on the other hand Spring proved to be one of the best frameworks.

Published on 2 Apr 2015

01:52 – Using Spring Initializr from the Project wizard
04:14 – Creating a JPA entity and Spring Data repository
06:39 – Running a Spring Boot application
08:15 – Exposing a repository via Spring Data REST
09:57 – Editing application configuration
15:39 – Spring application validation
15:39 – Defining custom configuration keys
27:17 – Creating Spring Boot dedicated Run configuration
28:46 – Enabling Spring profiles
32:47 – Coding assistance in application configuration files
36:16 – Questions

For many years, IntelliJ IDEA has been widely used in projects employing the Spring Framework. The latest version of the IDE (14.1) now ships with initial dedicated Spring Boot support.

In this practical presentation we’re going to look at some features from IntelliJ IDEA that will help you not only get started with Spring Boot but also guide you along the way, helping with coding and configuration management for your application. As a bonus, we’ll also discover some nice hidden tips and tricks you might not know yet. This talk is all about being more efficient when writing code.

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