Learning new technologies, key to success!

I love software development/engineering, It’s a passion that gives me pleasure and I mean It!

Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating on my boss, I do something that gives me pleasure and I enjoy watching my work grow into a full software… Many of you us (Developers) have the same passion otherwise we would have done something else… something that would make us rich maybe.

The only problem in the last few years, developers are turning into Doctors… At a job interview they will ask us questions from coding, continuous integration, our style Agile? Scrum? Both? , TDD, BDD, Restful, security, AngularJS, jQuery and so on…

Many of which we should know, but it’s not that easy to learn or at least get familiar with the whole stacks. And honestly I can’t memorize everything and every syntax and many developers cant as well… (Doctors use Google too, my family Dr. does that all the time)

For me what really helped me was video tutorials on websites like pluralsight, coursera, lynda and so on… most importantly you learn how to learn! I learned this tips from John Somnez.

Learning is the key, just signup on pluralsight or whatever website you find the most interests in, and start doing video tutorials believe me its better then spending your weekends watching TV or doing nothing… 🙂

– Watch less (or no) TV, TV is a big time sink, and if you’ll allow me to put it bluntly, a HUGE WASTE OF TIME. Honestly, I hate it when i hear developers on Monday morning blabing about TVshows and movies from the last weekend…

– Running helped me get out of a routine i was facing, try it out its awesome.

And lastly, be proactive! everyone loves people who jumps to the idea and be open about it.

List of websites that I find very useful:

https://www.udemy.com/ (Lots of free courses)

Learn how to be a better programmer, next time your boss or colleagues asks you something you don’t know, ask them to explain and you can always say I will check it up tonight, better then saying I dont know and just going on with your day…

Be Proactive!