My Blog Story!

How I started blogging?

I’ve been doubting for some time to create a blog that is dedicated to my profession, thanks to many who encouraged me especially Ron Brinckman the owner and CEO of IPROFS his simply an awesome person who is open and warm the best employer I had since years. Thanks Ron!

The final decision came after joining a free three-week email course focused on getting you up and running quickly, the course is given by John Sonmez at

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Build Restful service with Java 8 in Five minutes

This is a very basic tutorial for beginners who would like to experiment with Java 8 and Spark Framework.

Sometimes we can complex issues in our head more then it is, I was just trying to teach myself a way to make a simple Java Restful Api to handle few open and simple calls for me. I will share with you my start point.

We will use Intellij and create simple RestApi, basically if you have eclipse it is the same idea.

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