My Blog Story!

How I started blogging?

I’ve been doubting for some time to create a blog that is dedicated to my profession, thanks to many who encouraged me especially Ron Brinckman the owner and CEO of IPROFS his simply an awesome person who is open and warm the best employer I had since years. Thanks Ron!

The final decision came after joining a free three-week email course focused on getting you up and running quickly, the course is given by John Sonmez at

I met John on Pluralsight, while following his courses there, John gives programmers wide range of knowledge that any “Professional programmer” needs, his a guy who support other programmers in the community.

Let me explain how his course works.

“Lessons are spread out over time via emails” and each lesson has one user story to complete, this helped me focus on one step at a time, rather than wish everything was done already. This allows us to complete a task till the end which is very important.

Useful examples explanations, John’s writing style is very clear as his videos and he provides examples to help complete the tasks.

I think every programmer should own his own blog, show his own style and be open to criticism… Every blog you write gives you an opportunity to deepen in technologies and open the world for you to get more knowledge.

“Just having a blog is not enough—that’s why I think you should follow the course.”

It’s Free; Just Give it a Shot!
It’s a couple of emails; if this isn’t your cup of tea after the first few lessons, there’s an unsubscribe button in his emails.