“Hello, World!” In programming languages.

Welcome to Open Programmer. This is my first blog post, My name is Gabriel and I’m a programmer. In programming we speak other languages, just like “English, Dutch, German or Armenian” but in our world we use “Java, Scala, Php or C#” all those languages are rich and powerful.

Many programmers started there first word with “Hello World!” and I’m one of them, any new language I would like to learn I start with the Hello World! application, this said I thought i wont delete my first word press blog, in fact i would add an “Hello World” application for languages that I know or I worked with in the past.






All coding languages are made to be simple and sexy, but we as human can complicate it or simplify it.

Gabriel Ajabahian
Software Engineer Freelance
I am a Freelance consultant, I’m passionate about creating dynamic applications. With 10+ years technical experience as well as working on major application systems for top down.

I have extensive software engineering experience, recently I focus on Scala/Java and JavaScript. On the other hand, I have experience with C# and .net framework/core. I focus on integrating applications that are built against different frameworks and can run on different platforms.

Scalability, efficiency and performance are key topics for any software, that’s why I keep track of the newest technologies, I never underestimate the power of the cloud, that’s why I do believe in using this power with “edge applications” to expand software’s and solutions to a new level.

Being a software engineer who understand the business as well as my team, looking at things from different perspectives. Being open and honest and investing in relationship makes a big difference.

Specialties: Software development, Scrum/Agile, Process and Problem management.